One of the main advantages which the CAT 2011 takers are getting is the facility to take practice tests, which allows them to get well acquainted with the pattern and the navigation.
Unlike last year, this year the CAT2011 website has launched the CAT 2011 practice test coinciding with the official announcement. With the update of the CAT 2011 website, the IIMs have updated the Practice Test as well, which is based on the new CAT pattern.
The test comprises of two sections, a tutorial providing an overview of the CAT user interface and the practice test gives the ability to interact with the CAT well ahead of the exam day. It is advised to go through the tutorial first before you start taking the test.
The duration of the tutorial is 15 minutes. It starts with guiding you with the usage of the mouse, accepting the Candidate Agreement, which says, "I have read and agree to the terms of the above statement". Following is the page bearing the Candidate Agreement.
The next page tells you about the Navigation of the test. It says that you can use the mouse to move through the test one question at a time. Buttons appear at the bottom of the screen.
Next is about marking the questions for review. The tutorial describes this feature as, "If you are unsure of your answer, you can MARK the questions for review if time permits.
To UNMARK the question, you have to click on the click on the UNMARK button. This button will only appear at the bottom of your screen if you have marked a question. You can also leave a question unanswered. Marked and incomplete questions will appear in the Review Questions screen before you exit the test.
You can also highlight the text of the question through the Highlighting Text option. The tutorial describes the process to highlight the text. This feature will be useful to you in the Reading Comprehension and Logical Reasoning questions.
The Section Navigation section which is a new feature in the CAT 2011 exam tells you that there will be two sections, Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation and Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning. These sections will be timed. You will have 70 minutes to answer 30 questions.
Within each section you will be allowed to change or delete an answer, Mark a question for review, go to the next or previous question. Once the first section ends you will be automatically taken to the second section.
The Section Loading feature is new in this year's CAT exam. At the start of each section you will see the Test Loading message. The section time will only begin when the loading has completed and the first question appears on the screen.
To review the questions you will have to click on the Review button. The Review screen will identify each question number and whether the question is marked, incomplete or complete.

In the Review screen, you can review the questions which you have marked or left incomplete by clicking on the buttons Review marked and Review Incomplete.

After completing the test and reviewing the questions, you will get the option to quit the test. When you click on the Quit Test button, a pop-up window will appear which will ask for your confirmation before quitting the test. The Quite Test option is available only in the Review Screen for section two.